on my page, not only do I make/provide/show and share files, but I also online remote services (specially for software repair) for android such oppo / realme / vivo / xiaomi redmi / huawei / samsung devices and other smartphone models, at support it with my Youtube Channel and it is also supported by the best software tools from various device models and also digital tools like the one I made the following list of android smartphone software tools

1. chimera tool

2. unlocktool

3. hcu client digital

4. sigma key huawei

5. mrt dongle

6. hydra dongle

7. umt dongle

9. cm2 dongle

10. best infinity dongle

11. z3x samsung tool pro

for services and terms that use my online service is to agree to all the terms from me, I only fix in terms of software. If there is damage to the hardware after completion, I am not responsible for what happens, before you use my online service, please contact the whatsapp contact at the number listed below, every time you want to start the process, please pay off first, there is no element of opening your personal data, my job is only to repair your device and some tools for the following online service that you must prepare on the computer or your laptop

Remote Online Tool :

1. Teamviewer

2. Ultraviewer

3. USB Redirector