on this page I just want to share my experience as a mobile phone technician who has been more than 15 years ago, but I only use mobile software not for hardware, I have used several files / tools / drivers and I will share them on my page In this case, there may be some files or tools that you can't use, such as unlocktool or using dongle and box because they still use payments via direct servers, as well as the files that I provide on this page I have provided for free without a password just to make your work easier. direct android users or mobile technicians

keep on following this page, don't forget to bookmark this page too so you can get the latest updates from this page with several device models such as oppo / realme / xiaomi / hauwei / vivo / samsung and several other device models, don't forget to share idevice also on this page with some damage like how to jailbreak and bypass broken baseband and ibypass tool

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