Hi everyone, today I will update again in my article this time about how to Unlock Mi Account Redmi 9 Without Auth using only flashtool, because maybe we all already know that now to bypass authorized xiaomi with mediatek chipset there is a tool, namely MTK Auth Bypass The tool so we will make it easy to unlock micoud xiaomi redmi 9 account usb only,there are several things you should pay attention to before you can delete the mi account on your redmi 9, here xiaomi / redmi there are two variants including global devices and china devices, I will explain later


If your redmi 9 is a global device, this way I make sure it won't lock the mi account again when we install the simcard and when we connect our redmi 9 to the internet using wifi, but if our redmi 9 devices are china version maybe after success and we install simcard or connecting our redmi 9 devices to wifi will relock again, unless you already have a tool like unlocktool that we can disable mi account without bootloader unlock without auth and free reset

1. The first step you should know is that you must be able to filter your redmi 9 devices using libusbwin32, because this way you will be free from authorized xiaomi

2. After you are able to use libusbwin32 and redmi 9 it has been properly filtered which will be read on our laptop/pc device manager as an MTK USB Port, we proceed to the next step

3. You open the flashtool that I have provided with some of the files/drivers/tools, wait until the interface of the flashtool opens clearly like this

4. Now start entering the scatter file from redmi 9 which is already in the folder with the scatter file name is MT6768_Android_scatter.txt and it will look like this

5. Uncheck the Preloader section then you go to the Format tab and select the Manual Format Flash menu there will be two more menus, namely Beginning Address and Format Length, you enter the following hex address according to the name in the flashtool

Remove Mi Account :
a. Beginning Address Hex : 0x104a2000
b. Hex Length Format : 0x3000000

Remove Google Account
a. Beginning Address Hex : 0x5508000
b. Hex Length Format : 0x100000

 6. Now you see on this page How To Use MTK Auth Bypass Tool and after redmi 9 has been read as MTK USB Port on our pc device manager, we move our view again to the flashtool interface

7. On the Flashtool interface that is still clearly open, we direct our eyes to the Options menu then select Options again and finally we select Connections, there is USB and UART we change USB to UART and for COM adjust from the results of the MTK Auth Bypass Tool

8. I strongly suggest to you that before starting this process, you first check the number 0 in each hex address that we copy, not more and not less, because it will make your redmi 9 a dead boot

9. If you think all the 0 numbers in the address hex are correct, you just select the Start menu on Flashtool to start the process of removing micloud redmi 9 using flashtool and usb only until it's finished like this display

10. Finished

Prepair This Files On PC

Mi Account File Redmi 9 ( Lancelot )

Mediatek USB Port Driver

MTK Auth Bypass Tool

As I explained above that if your xiaomi redmi 9 is the global version, this way I make sure it will be clean without relocking again, but if your redmi 9 device is china version it will certainly relock again unless you have tools like unlocktool or except redmi devices 9 you have unlocked the bootloader, if after completion but the google account is locked, you only replace the hex address with the hex bypass frp address above.


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