the method that I will show you may already be very much, but I will explain in writing in my article today, for vivo y12 / vivo y15 1901-1904 forgot pattern screen / forgot password using only flashtool, it will be very easy for us to delete This Vivo 1901 or Vivo 1904 pattern and password is completed in just seconds, for mediatek auth bypass tool I will use version 6, this tool has updated several device models for oppo / realme / vivo / xiaomi / samsung / huawei, if you prefer choosing to use mct mtk auth bypass tool rev4 is also very possible, please note before we can bypass mediatek auth, we must filter our device first using libusbwin32 so that BROM CMD Failed does not occur and so on, let's try with the first step like this


1. Extract all files that you downloaded at the link above and create a folder so that we can easily navigate the files that we will use later, after that install libusbwin32 and also the mediatek auto driver installer to our computer / laptop, one more thing so that there are no connection errors on the device and PC, after installing the mtk auto driver installer on your PC or laptop, we must disable driver signature

2. for how to use mtk auth bypass tool rev4 or use the mtk auth bypass tool v6 you see on this page because I have explained it in full, and this is very important when we start the process of removing vivo 1904 or 1901 pattern lock screen using flashtool , then after you can, now we will start the process of removing screenlock vivo y12 / vivo y15

3. open flashtool.exe which is in the flashtool folder, then click 2x or run as administrator, after the interface is open, we continue by filling in some files that we will enter into flashtool such as (download agent: No_Auth.bin - authentication file: auth_sv5 .auth.bin - scatter file : MT6765_android-scatter.txt ), uncheck preloader section then go to the format tab and select manual flash format, you fill in the start address and the format length like this


4. after flashtool has finished our settings, we use mtk auth bypass tool v6 or can also use mct mtk auth bypass tool rev4 then click bypass or click disable auth, turn off your vivo y12 / vivo y15 and press both volume up + down buttons then connect the device to the pc / laptop until the mtk auth bypass runs by reading our serial com device

5. continue to flashtool interface which is still open then we go to the option - option - connection tab, by default flashtool is still on a USB connection, now we change it to a UART connection and adjust it for the serial com section that is generated on the mtk auth bypass tool after that close the menu tab option and we return to the flashtool interface,select start to process remove vivo y12 1901 pattern, in just seconds it's finished with the notification on the flashtool already OK

6. after we have successfully solved vivo 1901/1904 forgot lock screen code, and the device has booted into the language selection display, we set it to completion, if we look at our device screen (verify your account) maybe our device is locked with a google account and we will bypass frp using flashtool too but it's different in the address format only, for how it works the same as I explained above

Vivo Y12 / Y15 1901-1904 Reset Files

Mediatek Auto Driver Installer

MTK Auth Bypass Tool V6

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