sometimes we as smartphone technicians will find difficulties when we do something and repair our devices or our customers, because with various ways and various tools that we use the end result is still not what we call a success, one of the problems I'm facing is how to Samsung J400F remove RMM, because I will root this device but if OEM Unlock is still hidden and we enter odin mode it turns out that the RMM is Prenormal State, automatically we will not be able to install twrp and install magisk if RMM is still prenormal, for that we must first remove rmm j400f and make it a custom or oem already in the settings menu of samsung j400f


for this I will show you something with my experience successfully removing rmm prenormal samsung j400f very easily, this method can be used for all binary versions of samsung j400f including U1 to U6, the most important thing is that you must understand and read all the contents of the article and explanation I'm about rmm remove samsung j400f u1, u2, u3.u4.u5 and u6 easily, here's my explanation

1. before you do remove rmm samsung j400f, you have to look at the binary version of your samsung j400f, here I will use samsung j400f u2, but if your samsung j400f is binary version u6 or u5 the method is the same, difference here is the firmware combination only

2. preparation of some files that we will use include firmware combination / firmware 4 files / samsung usb driver and samsung odin downloader tool, all of which I have provided below this article

3. extract all files that I mentioned above, then I'm sure you can install samsung j400f combination rom using odin, if you don't understand how to flash samsung, you just go to this page How to Flash Samsung Device using Odin Tool

4. replace existing rom on your samsung j400f device with j400f combination rom that was extracted earlier and as in number 3 the flashing method is the same as using odin until later j400f can enter system combination after successfully flashing combination firmware

5. After samsung j400f is already in system combination, now you install iRoot into your pc or laptop, let the samsung j400f device still be connected to your pc or laptop until it reads adb composite interface and wait for iRoot to successfully root samsung j400f device you can see on the interface iRoot

6. If samsung j400f device has been rooted using iRoot earlier, now is the time we will remove rmm samsung j400f using command prompt or you can also install at least the adb fastboot tool on your pc and this is the command

a. adb device then enter
b. adb shell
then enter
c. su
then enter
d. dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/block/steady
then enter

7. Done

now if you do it correctly as I explained above, I am very sure that Samsung j400f rmm state is gone and we can install twrp and root on our device easily, but you change the system rom combination again to stockrom official firmware 4 files, after that you can see results on the OEM Unlock menu or it can also be done by accessing odin mode, there the Prenormal RMM will disappear and will change to custom, that's how to remove rmm on samsung j400f very easily, if you have questions about the method above, you can give comments on this page

J400F U2 Firmware 4 Files

J400F U2 Combination Files

J400F U6 Combination Files

J400F U6 Firmware 4 Files

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