today I will show you, according to what I promised in my previous article about how to root samsung device, before installing magisk root samsung make sure that your samsung has unlocked bootloader to prevent files on odin when we flash using root file or twrp file recovery, there are some error notifications when we use root file and custom twrp for samsung devices like the following example (RMM state where this condition is our Samsung is still locked Knox Guard with the latest security, some have managed to remove RMM state, some have to wait 7 days


and there are also those who have to push back the year of updating Android version just to bring up OEM Unlock - KG state this condition is also the same as in RMM state, but it's much easier for us to remove KG state to check - OEM Lock ON this condition is clearly visible that we have to activate OEM Unlock first after that it's still hidden because the RMM has been remove - FRP Lock ON this condition has been confirmed that if your samsung still has several google accounts, to change FRP Lock ON to OFF, remove all google accounts on your samsung so that FRP becomes OFF, maybe that's a little explanation about the RMM state / KG state / OEM Lock ON / FRP Lock ON, if anyone wants to add information, please just leave a comment

now how to unlock bootloader of samsung device that I will show you, we will start from the first thing and it looks easy to do, because we will remove all google account on our samsung, so that later after unlocking bootloader everything is empty and the google account is not locked, because The unlock bootloader process will remove all important data that we have on our Samsung devices 

activate internet on our samsung we can with a wifi connection or use a cellular data connection, after the device is connected to the internet network, open several menus to activate usb debugging and oem unlock in this way (settings - about phone - software information - build number tap to 7x and there will be a notification you are now a developer then go back to settings scroll down there is your developer option open then make sure OEM unlock menu is there and not hidden, you swipe to activate oem and scroll down there is usb debugging you slide and activate

after we have activated both usb debugging and oem unlock features, then we turn off the samsung and enter bootloader mode (this method is exactly the same as odin mode, the only difference is our accuracy in pressing or holding the buttons that I described), to be able to enter Samsung mode bootloader mode is done like this (press and hold both volume up + down buttons until a Warning message appears immediately you press the longer volume up button until Samsung flashes, then enter bootloader mode and press the volume up button once until our Samsung reboots automatically and reset our samsung, so wait for it to finish and return to the homescreen

after your samsung has successfully unlocked bootloader, when it turns on there will be a yellow boot warning like this (this phone's bootloader is unlocked and its software integrity can't be verified. Any data on this phone may be vulnerable to attackers. Don't store any important or sensitive information on this phone) to get rid of this boot warning, I will make a method in the next article and I congratulate your Samsung on unlocking the bootloader now


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